My Diary


My Halloween costume is coming together, alright!! I'm dressing as one of my favorite characters from childhood, Peter Pan!

I still don't know what I'm actually doing on Halloween though...


Kim Shattuck died yesterday, and I'm so sad! She was an idol of mine as a teen. Listen to Blonder and Blonder and tell me she wasn't a badass!! What a huge loss...


Shana tovah!



I found myself nodding in agreement to everything written here!! I love Girls' Album, and it's hard to believe it's been an entire decade since it came out, wow!!


You know you're old when you pull two all-nighters in a row, and it fucks you up for days afterward! Lesson learned!!

Also, Ric Ocasek died today. I just bought a Cars cassette the other day... I should listen to it. RIP


RIP Daniel Johnston. One of the great outsider artists of our time. This one hurts a bit.


I went to see a movie with my mom and her friend last week. We were planning on seeing Blinded by the Light, but got the time wrong, so long story short, we ended up going to see Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood! It did not disappoint! I really enjoyed it, and even my mom and her friend liked aspects of it! I warned them that Quentin Tarantino movies are not for the faint of heart, and they both covered their eyes for most of the violent parts!

But yeah, I really enjoyed it. In fact, I think my sweetheart and I are going to go see it (he hasn't seen it yet!) next week!


It feels weird writing here. I guess I'm sort of a private person... nowadays, at least.

I used to overshare quite a bit! I guess I'm overcompensating now because I don't often post personal things on social media. Do I feel vulnerable? Maybe!


My first entry here!

Making this website has been very challenging for me, as an ucreative person who doesn't know much html. I know I can just google whatever I need, but as someone who doesn't have much of an imagination, it's hard for me to even come up with ideas.

I've been looking at other websites for inspiration, mostly on the web archives, but also here on Neocities... I'm very envious of these creative types!!